GA Legislature Honors military Chaplains

Warrior2Citizen would like to thank the Georgia Legislature for their recent resolutions recognizing military chaplains for their faithful service to the men and women in the armed services of the United States. The State Senate and House have committed our Chaplain Resolution to the state senate record as part of the minutes of the Assembly on 2.28.18. 

The chaplains were cited particularly for providing comfort to our service members in combat zones, enduring the same hardships of the warriors they comfort.  The chaplains were also thanked for their efforts to strengthen service members' marital bonds through Warrior2Citizen, Inc., of Atlanta.


Resolutions were submitted by: GA senators Alberts (56th),  Dugan (30th), Miller (49th), Kennedy (18th) and Watson (1st); GA representatives Raffensperger (50th), Nix (69th), Battler (15th), Cantrell (22nd), and Jackson (128th).

We extend much gratitude to Mr. Roger Wise, a friend of Warrior to Citizen, Inc and all veterans in our state.  Many thanks to Major General Doug Carver (Ret.) for his powerful message about our Chaplains and the volunteers from W2C to the Assembly and after event.  

As former Army Chief of Chaplains and current Director of thousands of chaplains from the North American Mission Board, Doug has a long history as a military leader, and man of faith.  It came as no surprise that Georgia Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle paid him an enormous compliment about his message being the best he had heard from Chaplains in the Assembly. 

 Lastly, to our fine state government officials especially to the Lt. Governor, Senator John Albers and Senator Ed Harbison, and Representative Raffensberger, many thanks for acknowledging the value of Military Chaplains by sponsoring the Chaplain  Resolution. As well, thank you Secretary of State Brian Kemp for also acknowledging the importance of our military chaplains and graciously providing a reception for our chaplains and attendees; efficiently arranged by Cpt. Matt Mallalieu of his staff.  A special acknowledgment goes out to Col. Rick White (Ret.) for his “sharing” at the post event and his important work on the Georgia Military Hall of Fame. Please support this effort.

 This was a memorable day at the Capital!