Warrior 2 Citizen Transition Program (W2CTP)

W2C's three-phase approach uses a unique evidence-based resiliency program for veterans who may have endured war-trauma and who are transitioning to civilian life and for their family members (spouses and children between the ages of 6 to 17 attend portions of the program). The four-week modular program uses a holistic approach designed by military and academic professionals incorporating healing interventions; psycho-education; individual, group and family clinical counseling modalities; and vocational counseling.

All have been independently-documented as successful for veterans and their family members. The program is modular and is provided over four weeks (28 days). It consists of three phases. This program engages and benefits the entire family; as well as supports military operational readiness.

Phase 1

Phase one is a professionally designed curriculum that incorporates interventions; psycho-education; individual, group, and family clinical modalities; and vocational counseling. All of which have documented success with veterans and their family members.

Phase 2

Phase two is designed for continued professional guidance as well as extensive evaluations of clinical progress of the veteran family.  This follow-up is modeled on an award-winning military program called “Regional Care Triage,” involving a network of therapists, counselors, and chaplains who maintain direct contact with the family as the adjustment to civilian life continues -with all its associated challenges and triumphs. Online communities and secure messaging for counseling and coaching sessions will also be designed and implemented as part of the valuable tools for healing.

Phase 3

The final phase is a guided reintegration of the veteran family into their own community through local military friendly networks such as health care providers, government and VA contacts, business leaders, veteran service organization leaders, and local nonprofit leaders.